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Hi, my name is Tara and I design as TC's Sweets. I am a disabled epileptic. I have a certificate for completing PSP Classes and wanting to start them for PS. I love to make scrap kits & tags.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Little Quest

I am making a new kit with my friend Nikki's fave colors. It will be "RED, BLACK & BLUE". I would like for you guys to name it. It will have the same type of elements that are in my other kits and possibly some new ones. I have 2 ideas from one person so far. Please post them in the comments area and I will get them. I will post the winner August 4th. Good Luck, have fun and thanks to all of you who send me ideas.


Lorri said...

Bruised would be the name that comes to my mind first - or, depending on what the stuff is designed like, how about evening sunset... or Deep Bliss... lol, I have no idea, but I am certian it wil be beautiful! hugs, Lorri