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Hi, my name is Tara and I design as TC's Sweets. I am a disabled epileptic. I have a certificate for completing PSP Classes and wanting to start them for PS. I love to make scrap kits & tags.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Is Here..........

Hey everyone.... How are you today??? It is finally spring and I have some goodies for you. I will be getting them uploaded this weekend and have them ready for you first thing Monday, unless I get a chance to get everything done this weekend. I have a Mintie Spring Kit and an awesome MEGA Easter Kit....... I hope you enjoy them both. I am not sure if I am going to post them both at the same time or not yet. I may give it a little time to keep you from getting bogged down. : )
I am heading off to get some more work done. Huge hugs to you all.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I know a good many of you know Farrah Elkins of Designer Scraps, Designer Scraps Living Large (which she has no longer) and the NEWEST STORE Simply Beautiful Scraps. She also makes those cute little CHUBBIES and does Tutorials also. She is having some major health problems and needs some help, (whether she likes or not). She is always the first to help someone and go out of her way to help others. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Let me tell you a little bit about the Farrah I know and have grown to love over the past year.

I met Farrah around this time last year and had just been recently told I would never be able to get my license back (I have epilepsy). My attending a actual college were over and that I had to have a hysterectomy and never be able to have a child of my own. I was devastated and ready to crawl into a hole and die. Farrah talked to me through a group we were both in and gave me 3 scrap kits free of charge, because disablility doesn't go very far with bills to pay. She put tuts up that taught how me how to make tags. I was addicted then.... She actually gave me my very first tag and I still look at it today and thank her. I started getting better at the tags and wanted to learn how to make kits. She stepped up and helped me with that also. I have learned all about being copyright compliant and everything involved from Farrah. I still have emails where she would walk me step by step through something I didn't understand or was having major problems with. When I got confused and ready to quit she didn't give up on me.

I had saved money to get her to make me a blog set and spent it to help someone else in need, she gave me one and helped me learn how to do them myself. She is not like any one I have ever met. There is no way I can ever repay her for what all she has done for me. How do you repay one who gives you a reason to get up in the morning.....

I hope you all can find it in your hearts to help her even though money is tight and times are rough, because she would do it for you. There are a few ways you can help Farrah. You can go to her shop HERE.

Thank you for reading what I have to say about Farrah. Below is other information about how to you can help her if you care too....

Thank you, huge hugs and Happy creating.




Where do I begin...There is no amount
of words to describe Farrah. She has been
a mentor to me, a best friend, a shoulder
when I needed it and shes just one Hell
of an amazing woman. She has endured
many obstacles in her life and has always
overcame them and I am confident that
she will overcome this also.

Farrah is the first to give and rarely
wants to be paid back for her generosity,
but this is one time where she has no
choice in the matter.

When we are faced with the uncertainty
of medicinal science, we always fear the worst.
Having gone through these issues myself,
I can fully understand the fear that
Farrah is feeling.

A strong support system is vital at times
like this and I am so honored that so many
people want to help her and her children out.

At this time we are uncertain about what
will evolve from Farrah's upcoming tests
but either way she will need help emotionally
and financially to get through this.
I could get on my soap box and go on and on
about the health care issues we face in
America but there is no need as most know
how bad it is. I too have no insurance and
can not get state assistance currently.
Even with "sliding scales" there are still
bills that need to be paid.

I am asking for everyone's help in this
battle that Farrah is facing.
The Scrappin Bratz will host a Colab kit
and all profits will go directly to Farrah
to offset her medical expenses and help
with any other expenses she may have
due to missing work for doctor appts.

If you are interested in contributing to
this effort please email me at
alwaysgorjuss@gmail.com or at the stores
address scrappinbratz@gmail.com for
more information.

There is also a Donate button available
for everyone to add to their blogs if you
Are unable to contribute to the Colab :0)
Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello all.....

How are all of you doing today???? Guess what I woke up to yesterday morning???? 3-5 inches of snow. I was thrilled. I love snow. I will get my pictures uploaded and on here for you all to see. It was gorgeous. Well I am getting ready for the next holiday and working on a Easter kit..... A little early I know, but the early bird gets the worm... lol I am trying to get to get some kits ahead so I can get some other things made up. I have quite a few things I am wanting to do, but have some more classes to finish first and they start up in a week or two. I hope all of you have a great day and I will talk to you all soon. Huge hugs and happy creating.