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Hi, my name is Tara and I design as TC's Sweets. I am a disabled epileptic. I have a certificate for completing PSP Classes and wanting to start them for PS. I love to make scrap kits & tags.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Name Quest Results.....

Whew.... I finally have decided in the name of the kit. As hard as it was to choose I have finally gotten it narrowed down to 2 of them. I will have to make a final decision, but gonna get your opinions also, since all of you helped pick the names. The two choices left are...

Gentle Bruising by Sezy

Dark Delight by Julie

I want to thank everyone who participated in this quest and I hope you enjoyed it. I will have the kit ready to be downloaded by first thing Wednesday morning. I will be waiting your input on the the two I like the best. Huge hugs to all my visitors & fans.